What we do

What we do
We use broadband wireless technologies supported by an Airfibre approach to be able to provide broadband and internet access quickly, cost effectively and in a long term supportable manner.
This is done in a manner that the large incumbents will have difficulty countering and emulating.
Users in remote or underserviced areas will now be able to be connected, at relatively low capex.

Our end user prices are usually substantially lower than those charged by our competitors.
The speed and quality that we provide usually outstrips that provided by our competitors.
Education is substantially supported and students can obtain online education.
We are also able to convert TV sets into full blown computers and media centres at a low cost.
Finance is available, where required

How does it work

The internet is transported from international sources via our “line of sight” towers. (Line of sight means that the towers must be visible by each other – no buildings, obstructions etc.).
When the targeted area is reached, local infrastructure is deployed to broadcast and disseminate internet to users.
If a whole community/housing estate/complex is involved the local structure can be set up in a manner where end users do not have to invest in equipment, and will be able to connect directly.
On the other hand, large scale data users or stand-alone users will need to install a dish to pick up the signal. A cable is attached from the dish to a router so that the internet is available anywhere in the targeted property.