About Us

WiFi Wave is a Level One BEE South African based company, building a broadband wireless network throughout South Africa with the focus on underserviced and rural areas. By the introduction of additional capital and management resources we are enabled in establishing a National Footprint based upon deploying the latest ground breaking technologies and methodologies in the Wireless Broadband Internet arena.  We combine functional expertise, best practices, and world class deployment and implementation methodologies to ensure that we are able to provide solutions that work for our customers and that meet or exceed their expectations. Our project teams are composed of specialists who ensure the successful completion of our projects. We provide a wide range of products and services that range from purely technical solutions to detailed bespoke customer specific content services. Our strength lies in the fact that WiFi Wave is managed by a number of industry specialists that are able to address all of the various requirements of design, construction, modification, delivery, integration, training, roll out and implementation of all aspects of wireless broadband communications, telephony, communications and converged telecommunications solutions. Our offerings range from broadband connectivity and provision, gateways, call termination, networks, FTTH (Fibre to the Home), FTTB (Fibre to the Building), either as discreet offerings or as part of a comprehensive IT, communications or VoIP platform.


As a consequence of our strategies and experience in the field, we have formulated and built offerings that we believe are unrivalled in South Africa today. The organisation employs a group of IT, Network, Broadband, telecommunications and IP telephony experts, to address the Broadband Wireless Solutions, VoIP and IP telephony solutions market, and to ensure that a truly competent provider provides them with unrivalled services in the market. We pride ourselves in being able to provide offerings that are leading edge, reliable, flexible and cost effective, and which enable our customers to derive the benefits of the latest innovations in technology without putting their day-to day operations at risk. We have already created coverage for a large part of the business areas of Gauteng and are able to provide cost effective, high speed wireless broadband connectivity. We are currently making broadband wireless cost effectively deliverable across the country including rural areas and under serviced communities.