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OUR VISION AND MISSION To create and develop a powerful, true African Wireless Internet Service Provider, servicing South African market of end users, SME’s, Corporates and Governments Institutes through a nationwide network of empowered individuals. To change existing business perceptions of emerging black Service Providers. This will be achieved by providing a working environment where people are trained and empowered to deliver service excellence within the industry. In order to deliver service excellence: • All business relationships will be conducted in a direct, honest and transparent fashion. • Open and clear communications between WiFi Wave and customers will be maintained through an automated CRM, ERP and ISP billing system. Customers will receive constant automated updates on the progress of the enquiry. • Added value will be delivered by providing constant training of our systems, product offering to both internal staff and sub-contractors. • Around the clock service deliverable is guaranteed. • Highly skilled and dedicated staff will maintain the ethic of customer value. The existence of this enterprise is dependant upon deliverables and for this reason it is vital that it achieves sufficient earnings to sustain growth and success. WiFi Wave is a company that firms up its’ beliefs based on PROFESSIONALISM, CUSTOMER SERVICE, INTEGRITY, EMPOWERMENT, FUN and the RIGHT ATTITUDE.

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Welcome to Wifi Wave. The company that offers True UnCapped, UnShaped, UnThrottled and No Fair Use Policy Internet Contact Us Now : 011 100 8261 sales@wifiwave.co.za support@wifiwave.co.za accounts@wifiwave.co.za